Monday, January 7, 2013

Corporate Club Annual Dinner : Pop Colour Nite

Last Friday was the last time I joined the Corporate Club Dinner since I have been transferred to a new office in March 2012.

It was a kind of bittersweet moment since Corporate Club is the best club I've joined so far with a great mix of personalities, and I have to say goodbye to them after the great 5 years together.
Enjoy the photos. Taken from Eiza's (the one in baby blue pant) and Radhi Yaa's albums. Will update more from my husband's camera. Later.
The youngsters
(Credit : Eiza)

For those who are not familiar with Corporate Club GRAND Dinner, these are the themes for our previous dinners :

The first dinner, 2008 (theme : Black and White) - I won the best dress :)
The second dinner, 2009 (theme : Retro Nite) - I won the title Queen of Retro 2009. I went all out for the hall deco. 
The third dinner, 2010 (theme : Red Nite) - I received Penjawat Awam Contoh Award. My husband asked me to only wear baju kurung (*cough* dress down *cough*) for this dinner.
The forth dinner, 2011 (theme : Bolly Nite) - I won the Maharani of the NightI also went all out for the hall deco this time around. 
The fifth dinner, 2012 (theme : Pop Colour Night) - this post.

For the last 3 dinners, I was in-charged for the hall deco. I always arrived late because I have to get the hall ready until the last minute, went back and prepare my kids. This time around, I attended as a guest and BOY! that was a great feeling to have!! 

I didnt have to be worried about the installation of the decorative elements, where to buy the most classy-looking deco but CHEAP, who are patient enough to help me with the work, heavy deco that might fall down when people start coming, the centrepiece, the dance floor, the lighting, the candles that might burn down the hall and of course, the aftermath (people start to go home towards the end of the dinner, so there will be a few left to clean the hall - usually the group who stayed back for the clean up session are the same committed group of people and I am glad they were my ex-colleagues from International Unit - and of course my husband and kids). 
The iron ladies from the International Unit - Nadia (in turqoise pants) was crowned as the Pop Colour Queen 2012. Good job! You guys should maintain the title within our Unit with your classy style, ok? Nura (in pink tunic) won the best dress in 2010 (Red Nite).
(Credit : Radhi Yaa)

Love the food. Love the deco. Kudos to the team who worked hard to decorate the hall, blew hundreds of colourful balloons and prepare the props. You know who you are. When you see a lot of people took photos at the designated areas / photo corner, it means that you've succeed :)

Before I end... guys, remember to use masking tape. NEVER USE double-sided tape, ya! I can see the agony of peeling the remaining double sided tape off the wall during the aftermath :)
(Credit : Eiza)

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