Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving In : Part 16 - Hobby area

This newly-arranged space has totally took over our dining area. We just finished putting it together this afternoon. 
While Nazreen vacuumed the whole dining hall, Nabil and Nazran were busy unwrapped the new carpet. Papa installed trolley wheels to the recycled wooden pallet, to place our bulky TV so it is easier for me to move it around while cleaning the house.
This is their new favourite bonding spot where they play Playstation together, repair their remote control cars / tanks and do other guy stuff. They also could watch DVD on Solat, Iqra' and anything educational while waiting for dinner to be served.
I am glad to have this area IN our dining hall because they keep me entertain while I am preparing the meal or while I am doing the dishes. Although there are a lot of CARS, TOOLS, SMALL PARTS and WIRES, I dont mind. I am the only lady in the house, remember? I have to follow the majority ;p

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