Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nabil was sick

Last time, Nazreen was sick (here).

Since last week, Nabil developed similar symptoms as Nazreen. His temperature reached 40.1 degree Celsius. Luckily my sister is a doctor. I SMS-ed her at 2 in the morning and asked what else should I do because I did everything and his temperature maintained at 40. He was trembling and we were worried sick. She asked me to increase his med dosage and perform tepid sponging with tap water. It worked. 

(Actually I knew what I SHOULD do considering I have faced this situation many times with all three of them but I cant think properly when I am panic - and my sister didnt mind repeating the same thing over and over again. LOL. tepid sponging. calculate the dosage correctly. tepid sponging. dosage.)

Last time Nabil catched a fever was in 2011 (here).

I baked this for Nabil over the weekend since he cant stomach anything for two days. Baked french fries with mushroom & tomato sauce with generous amount of cheese. I sprinkled some black pepper and paprika on top. He requested for ice-blended chocolate drink.

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