Thursday, January 17, 2013

Serious entry on Maid

In two days, I have received at least six questions from six different people about my "maid". My what? 

It is quite amusing when people could simply assume that everybody else has a maid, just because they have one (pls ask first). It is even more amusing to listen to their complaints on who will do all the chores and who will manage the kids because their maid ran away recently. Trust me, you can do it! Try to do it slowly for a start. It is fun.
When I said I didnt have a maid and didnt plan to have one, one of them was surprised and asked, "Oh, you cooked for your family? You do the dishes? You actually do your laundry? You hang and fold the clothes? You ironed you kids' uniforms? Seriously?". haha. I am sure she is not serious.

Doesnt all of us have to at least try to do some chores, if not all? I hope my readers out there are more domestic and can provide more for your family. When you choose to be a wife and a mom, it comes with a package. And NO, MAID is not included - but if you want to use their services, why not? There's nothing wrong about that actually. I truly understand the constraints that others have because I have a lot of friends who hire a maid because of their crazy schedule and their nature of work demands them to travel a lot.

I am a bit serious on this entry. I have to make a point that if there is a will, there is a way. I am sure everybody is great in managing their family and house, but to make it as a routine (esp laundry every night, mop the floor everyday), is quite challenging for working individual. But we can try. Do it once a week.

For my readers who are still single and still living with your parent, please help them with the chores everyday, they are not your maid.


Aida Manap said...

kan nurul? akak pun tgh juggle between studying time, being a mom and a wife AND taknak guna maid's help.

saya said...

Thumb up!