Monday, December 31, 2012

Small Nice Wolves

This is their activity during school break. Reading.
I really love this Big Bad Wolf T-Shirt. I bought the cute T-shirt for them and for my husband during the recent Big Bad Wolf Mission 63. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy one for me. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

32 weeks

A few friends asked for my current baby bump photo. Here you go. 
The guy at the back refused to take my photo so I have to camwhore. That was my first time.

Moving In : Part 15 - Workstation

My friend from Shutterspeak Studios put up an ad on his wall to let go an old bulky table top that has been categorised as a ‘junk’ (because it has no legs) and he wanted to dispose it if no one interested to have it. 

I was like…ARE YOU CRAZY? That is one valuable piece! I immediately called him and rented a van to pick it up from his studio.
We cleaned it, bought 5 pieces of table legs from IKEA for RM10 per piece and voila! It looks like a NEW TABLE. Now we have a spacious workstation for my work-at-home husband in our bedroom :) 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Garage Sale ended

Only 3 items left. The sale supposed to end at 5pm today but we have a lot of work to do so we close down our booth at 2pm. I am sure if I stayed there a bit longer, I will bring back only the table cloth :)
It was indeed a very good experience. I bought a lot of hijab for RM3 per piece from the opposite booth. I wore two of them yesterday and today :) I am the fan of the brand and I know they worth RM30 per piece. The cute seller is Nasyrah (and she bought a lot of kitchenware from me). 

Glass bowl set (6 pcs) - RM12
Baby feeding set (bowl and spoon) - RM5
Cute ceramic vases (4 pcs) - RM4

If you are interested, do come and collect the item from me. If you dont want to pay, I will give them for free ;p

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update : Garage Sale 2012

Earlier post on the Garage Sale (here).
On Tuesday, I started with 30 items.
And today, only 9 items left. 

Just hoping I could sell the rest on the last day, which is tomorrow. It is easier to bring back ONLY the table cloth. Considering that I am 32 weeks pregnant and the event took place at different office block, about 10-minutes walk from my office. It is on level 16. The elevator service only available up to level 15. I have to use staircase to get to the hall on the 16th floor. It sounds simple. But it is tiring. For me :p

These are some items sold by my colleagues.
Brand new and second hand clothing, handbags and new shoes, starting from RM1. Crazy isnt it? They also sell homemade Oreo cheese cake, Japanese cheese cake, durian crepe and other type of cheese cake. I spent A LOT on cheese cakes in three days. lol.

This is my favourite booth. Opposite our booth. They sell jewelry, home furnishing items and a lot of unique stuff from all over the world - South Africa, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, the States and many more. Also as low as RM1.

Om nom nom

Just now. Amutha, my office mate, called me.
"Dear, have you had your breakfast?"
Me : Yes. I'll be attending a meeting in 10 minutes. 
(I thought she wanted to ask me to join her for a breakfast)

"Wait. I want to give you Nasi Lemak"
Me : Nasi Lemak? Boleh boleh. I'll wait. (Sure... I can squeeze in one small bungkus of nasi lemak after the meeting...)

And here is what I got. Nasi Lemak with prawn sambal, egg sandwich, curry chicken, strawberry cupcake and a pie. Wow.
Thank you very much Amutha for being so thoughtful!!!
I love being pregnant!
For my brunch, lunch and tea break.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Garage Sale 2012

Today is the first day of my office's Garage Sale. It will end on Friday. 
I was so excited when I got the invitation email. I registered on the spot but when I went home, I found NOTHING in the house that could be sell in the Garage Sale. BUT SOMEHOW, last night, me and my husband managed to pick up many things that has been lying around in our house for ages and some of them we havent use for 8 years (since we got married).
And guess what? We manage to gather three bags full of new and used items worth RM700!!!! I hope I can sell everything. This Garage Sale is meant for charity. 40% of our profit will go to the charity fund and we can keep the 60%. Or we can donate 100% to the fund.
This morning, my husband and Nazran helped me to set up the booth. My division rented 3 tables and I got one. It is soooo exciting because this is my first time joining Garage Sale.

The setting up process.
I made this for my division's booth. A few people stopped by and wanted to buy the frame. No guys, it is not for sale.
I sell new jug sets, dining wares and some frames. From RM10 - RM25. Cheap.
And of course, baby stuff. Never being used. Starting from RM5.
I also sell winter jacket and some niceeeeee dresses. It is a brand new dress. I sell it at RM50. The used jacket, RM30.
I have a tiny helper who is more interested with the yellow stool from the opposite booth.
For those of you who loves unique items, DO COME HERE! We are open everyday (18 - 21 December 2012), 12.01pm - 2.30pm. Drop by at our booth. Look for BDSHEP charity sale booth. The biggest booth in the hall :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Baking with kids

Last Saturday, we had 3 homemade pizzas for breakfast. I made the pizza dough from scratch. It was really satisfying to see it rise :)

The first one, simple thin crust four-cheese pizza.
Second one, thin crust classic pizza with tomato sauce, oregano and of course, a lot of cheese.

The last one is the most special. It was made by my 4 years old Nazran. All by himself. From spreading the pizza dough into the pan, spreading generous amount of tomato sauce, sprinkling oregano and arranging his favourite cheese on top. Of all delicious cheeses in the house, he opted for sliced Cheddar cheese. Although it doesnt melt beautifully like grated mozarella, his pizza is really cute :) and of course wonderfully delicious.
Then we made mini chocolate cinnamon rolls. This time, it is Nabil's turn to help me. Again, I made the dough from scratch. Nabil requested for chocolate filling and chocolate topping. Why not? The kids like it so much. I served it hot with chocolate on top. By the time I am done with the dishes, the mini rolls are gone :)

For lunch, I fried angle hair spaghetti. No photo.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clearing The Stock - Baby / Kid stuff

For those who didnt know, me and my husband owned a company that sells baby/kids wear, baby accessories, green products, maternity wear and natural parenting stuff. We are clearing our stock (like, REALLLLLY CLEARING THE STOCK) to give way to new business.

Yes, we are closing down our baby business. There will be a lot of baby wear to be advertise here. Soon. Some of them have not being sell in our baazar before. For the time being, we are going to clear two accessories.

ONE - Baby Food Dispensing Spoon.
RM70. Free postage for Peninsular Msia.
Only 3 pieces left. The hard packaging is a bit kemek during shipping process but the spoon is in a very good shape. Very convenient. I love it very much. 

TWO - Dripstik.
RM17. Free postage for Peninsular Msia.
Only 8 pieces left. 
First come, first serve.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am... we are...expanding

Yes, my family is expanding.

So does my blog.

I know this kind of entry will definitely drives you crazy. Sorry. Just watch out for :

garlicandbutter + lifestyle
garlicandbutter + foodstop

in 2013.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Everything - sweet and cozy

My 4th son is on his way. It has been 4 years since Nazran, so I decided to buy new baby stuff for the baby - swaddling set, baby binders, burp clothes and wet bag. I found it a bit annoying to put old baby stuff in the bag for the new baby. It is just unfair for him to use 7-years-old stuff with stains here and there. Pics are from Sweet and Cozy. 
However, I still keep some Nabil's cute rompers for the hand-me-down tradition.

Sneak peek

Went to Big Bad Wolf at 6am, Saturday. Catch of the day - some of them. Some are very dry (but VERY interesting!), some are quirky, some are just too cute to resist, some are just too cheap (like...RM3) and some of them are the must-haves. 
I only grabbed 4 books for my kids since they already have TOO MANY BOOKS. I got them cool Big Bad Wolf T-shirts and they wore it for 3 days straight (Saturday-Sunday-Monday). I haven't had a chance to wash them.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Evening snack : Almond & Cinnamon Pastry Stick

Me and my three helpful sons baked almond & cinnamon pastry sticks on one fine evening. We loved it very much!!! I served it together with hot green tea. Yummy.

I won : Independence Day Quiz

I have participated in an online quiz in conjunction with Malaysia's Independence Day in August. I didnt hope to win. I just did it for fun, as usual. And I have totally forgot about it until yesterday - when I was informed that I am the first runner up and was requested to attend the prize-giving ceremony this morning. 

Just now, I have received the hamper from the Minister.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Another 90 degree, please.

It is funny to be able to feel the round baby head at the side of my tummy. I hope he turns soon :)


This event happened a long time ago. In July. Before we cut Nazreen's hair. Before Ramadhan.

Gotong-royong at my parent's housing area. We love this kind of gotong-royong since the committee has arranged for bulky waste collector trucks. Some people took the opportunities to trim their branches, cut off trees, took out old cabinets, sofa and other bulky items that usually will not be collected by Alam Flora garbage truck. Me and my husband even brought old cabinet from our house to be disposed that day.

These are our bulky wastes. Bye bye portfolio case. We had been through a lot together :(
My neighbour's.
Kids were happy that day since the streets were full of people and everyone seems to keep their eyes on all children on the road. 
They were cycling happily everywhere since there was less car.
Kids' favourite stop. Free flow of cold drink, free nasi lemak, free chicken rice and free chicken nuggets for everybody!
Nabil made new friends. He worked so hard that day.
Bulky wastes collector truck has finally arrived!
Nazreen was having his shower that time and he was so excited when he heard the truck has arrived. He ran out - wrapped in towel - to see the truck.
Did I say he was SO EXCITED? that he need an up-close view of the collection process. He followed the truck (in towel) until they were done collecting bulky wastes on our street.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Nabil!

Today is Nabil's 7th Birthday.
We celebrated it at my MIL's house, after Nabil and Nazreen finished their reading class.

Turn, please

I am into my 30th week and I found out that my baby is in breech position. Doctor gave him another 4 weeks to turn or I am gonna have another c-sect. erk. no. (pic googled)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Japan trip : Lunch @ Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo

The entrance. I just love the facade.
 Welcoming drink.
Lunch In Honour of my YB Minister's visit to Japan.
I didnt capture a lot of photos since it is inappropriate considering the crowd that I was in. I only manage to capture the entree. I think it is a mushroom soup. I cant remember.
And the main course. There were actually more superb dishes but I chose chicken curry and mushroom to go with the rice. We are going to leave Japan and depart to Hong Kong afterward, so I dont eat much.
Credit to the CEO of Alam Flora for this photo. I sat beside Datuk Nadzri. To his right is the Ambassador's spouse and the Ambassador himself. He is so friendly and super nice.
See? I was the only one with the cellphone on the table? VERY INAPPROPRIATE.