Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turn, please

I am into my 30th week and I found out that my baby is in breech position. Doctor gave him another 4 weeks to turn or I am gonna have another c-sect. erk. no. (pic googled)



RS said...

hi. aslkm. congrats on ur current pregnancy. just curious - you've just had only 1 prev c-section before kan? if everything else is normal, and the last c-section was over 18 month ago, its still possible to try turn the baby externally (ECV). Breech baby with 1 prev c-section is only a relative contraindication for an ECV. you might want to consider discusssing it with the obsts DR who is taking care of you. either way a repeat c-section has its pro & cons, and vaginal birth is still preferred providing the baby is head down and everything goes smoothly during ur antenatal & during the delivery itself. anyways, all the best. semoga mummy & baby healthy ;)

Nurul said...

Thank you very much, RS!
I will consider ECV. I didnt want another c-sect. Mine was horrible last time. I really hope I can have a VBAC this time around.