Friday, December 21, 2012

Garage Sale ended

Only 3 items left. The sale supposed to end at 5pm today but we have a lot of work to do so we close down our booth at 2pm. I am sure if I stayed there a bit longer, I will bring back only the table cloth :)
It was indeed a very good experience. I bought a lot of hijab for RM3 per piece from the opposite booth. I wore two of them yesterday and today :) I am the fan of the brand and I know they worth RM30 per piece. The cute seller is Nasyrah (and she bought a lot of kitchenware from me). 

Glass bowl set (6 pcs) - RM12
Baby feeding set (bowl and spoon) - RM5
Cute ceramic vases (4 pcs) - RM4

If you are interested, do come and collect the item from me. If you dont want to pay, I will give them for free ;p


nihadriz said...

Dress pun sold out? T____T

Nurul said...

Dress ada lagi. tapi tak ambil gambar ;p