Monday, December 17, 2012

Baking with kids

Last Saturday, we had 3 homemade pizzas for breakfast. I made the pizza dough from scratch. It was really satisfying to see it rise :)

The first one, simple thin crust four-cheese pizza.
Second one, thin crust classic pizza with tomato sauce, oregano and of course, a lot of cheese.

The last one is the most special. It was made by my 4 years old Nazran. All by himself. From spreading the pizza dough into the pan, spreading generous amount of tomato sauce, sprinkling oregano and arranging his favourite cheese on top. Of all delicious cheeses in the house, he opted for sliced Cheddar cheese. Although it doesnt melt beautifully like grated mozarella, his pizza is really cute :) and of course wonderfully delicious.
Then we made mini chocolate cinnamon rolls. This time, it is Nabil's turn to help me. Again, I made the dough from scratch. Nabil requested for chocolate filling and chocolate topping. Why not? The kids like it so much. I served it hot with chocolate on top. By the time I am done with the dishes, the mini rolls are gone :)

For lunch, I fried angle hair spaghetti. No photo.


Zoora said...

sampai tgh hari je dah ada 3 dish!!
waaah dasat nuyu!!!!
kalau weekend kami makan 2 kali je sehari
we shd go to ur house!

Nurul said...

Spending quality time with my kids doing things we love the most - baking and eating ;p