Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clearing The Stock - Baby / Kid stuff

For those who didnt know, me and my husband owned a company that sells baby/kids wear, baby accessories, green products, maternity wear and natural parenting stuff. We are clearing our stock (like, REALLLLLY CLEARING THE STOCK) to give way to new business.

Yes, we are closing down our baby business. There will be a lot of baby wear to be advertise here. Soon. Some of them have not being sell in our baazar before. For the time being, we are going to clear two accessories.

ONE - Baby Food Dispensing Spoon.
RM70. Free postage for Peninsular Msia.
Only 3 pieces left. The hard packaging is a bit kemek during shipping process but the spoon is in a very good shape. Very convenient. I love it very much. 

TWO - Dripstik.
RM17. Free postage for Peninsular Msia.
Only 8 pieces left. 
First come, first serve.

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