Thursday, December 20, 2012

Om nom nom

Just now. Amutha, my office mate, called me.
"Dear, have you had your breakfast?"
Me : Yes. I'll be attending a meeting in 10 minutes. 
(I thought she wanted to ask me to join her for a breakfast)

"Wait. I want to give you Nasi Lemak"
Me : Nasi Lemak? Boleh boleh. I'll wait. (Sure... I can squeeze in one small bungkus of nasi lemak after the meeting...)

And here is what I got. Nasi Lemak with prawn sambal, egg sandwich, curry chicken, strawberry cupcake and a pie. Wow.
Thank you very much Amutha for being so thoughtful!!!
I love being pregnant!
For my brunch, lunch and tea break.


Mye said...

Haha. Sukaaaaa!!! Sambal udang tu amagaddd yummy yummy!!!

garlic & butter said...

di bawah udang itu adalah dua ketul ayam goreng berempah :)