Thursday, December 6, 2012


This event happened a long time ago. In July. Before we cut Nazreen's hair. Before Ramadhan.

Gotong-royong at my parent's housing area. We love this kind of gotong-royong since the committee has arranged for bulky waste collector trucks. Some people took the opportunities to trim their branches, cut off trees, took out old cabinets, sofa and other bulky items that usually will not be collected by Alam Flora garbage truck. Me and my husband even brought old cabinet from our house to be disposed that day.

These are our bulky wastes. Bye bye portfolio case. We had been through a lot together :(
My neighbour's.
Kids were happy that day since the streets were full of people and everyone seems to keep their eyes on all children on the road. 
They were cycling happily everywhere since there was less car.
Kids' favourite stop. Free flow of cold drink, free nasi lemak, free chicken rice and free chicken nuggets for everybody!
Nabil made new friends. He worked so hard that day.
Bulky wastes collector truck has finally arrived!
Nazreen was having his shower that time and he was so excited when he heard the truck has arrived. He ran out - wrapped in towel - to see the truck.
Did I say he was SO EXCITED? that he need an up-close view of the collection process. He followed the truck (in towel) until they were done collecting bulky wastes on our street.

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