Friday, August 29, 2008

heavy downpour

It has been a very tiring week. I have to juggle between works, family and err… exams. I could manage to answer those papers although the first question sounds like this : “List down the details of United Nations Nuclear Weapons Convention”…. Easy, huh? The study period is the most torturing part. One day, during a very heavy downpour, I asked my husband to take care of the kids for one hour or two because I need to study. This is what happened (actually I was on my way to get something to eat downstairs)… All of them were caught red-handed. Especially the GURU. (and... ok... I joined them afterwards)...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new one

due to a high number of vote for me to buy the new one... well... OKAY, I'd bought the new digital camera yesterday. cute silver-blue camera. Thank you for voters out there. You guys really helped me this time (since I am the one who vote for RM300 REPAIR).

I will update my e.commerce website in September. And I will introduced some new irresistible products for newborns... esp baby girl :o) Since I can feel I am carrying another baby boy, I tailored my product to also suit baby boy.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I love to crochet and knit. I've started crochet project ( : purple and maroon baby blankets - two of them) since I was pregnant with my first baby. But, it was not completed. I will continue the project next month. I also have a list for crochet projects after that. Gonna do it with my mom. She made me a lot of crochet clothes when I was a baby. And she still keep it for my baby. See how strong it is? One day, she asked me to search for some crochet patterns for our project. But, as usual, surfing work got diverted by links provided... and these are what I found..
Brothers, please don't do this to yourself..

Moms, don't do this to your child (the green one is cute, but, naaahhh)..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Before end of this year

Regardless how busy I am, juggling between my international affairs work, handling my company, being a pregnant mom with two sons, a wife and a (lazy) daughter, I still have time for daydreaming. But I never left my daydreams to be only A dream. These are some things that I wanted to do and hopefully, to be achieve before end of this year :

(i) Enter the English Quality Essay Competition at my office. and win the first prize.
(ii) Write (and publish) a book on breastfeeding in MALAY *this is going to be HARD** because there are lots of excellent resources in English but none (that I know of) in Malay. That's why Malay nowadays still have many taboos when it comes to breastfeeding...
(iii) Rent a retail shop for our company.
(iv) Update our e-commerce website that has been abandoned almost a year.
(v) Formulate an international affairs policy for my agency.
... will add later. These are already overwhelming.

This is what I've already done (already indicates an achievement) :
(i) I already have 15 words (plus the tajuk). Out of 3000 words.
(ii) I already have ONE PAGE.
(iii) Got the shoplot but still considering it *financially*.
(iv) Emm... nothing much I can do without digital camera. (repair RM300, buy the new cheap one RM499 - pls vote).
(v) I have the framework... but.... (okay, this one is for the next year).

Friday, August 8, 2008

gifts... gifts...

Our business is expanding... We are going to rent retail shop for our business *at last* because my hubby really wants to have a "physical customers" rather than getting orders via emails or SMS and post the item to them. It is more satisfying, he said. The size, doesnt matter for a start... *still searching for a place with a large crowd*

I hope we could get enough monthly income to cover our capital, rental and other fees. Scary, but... if we didnt try now, we'll never know... *there goes our retail agents - they are going to be mad* Before, we only act as a distributor/supplier.

Today, I was in a good mood. I would like to THANK Sri for her non-stop order for baby gifts (yeah, keep on pregnant, ladies!!) - she is the one who in-charge for a baby gift in her firm. She had ordered sets in BLUE, PINK, APPLE GREEN, PURPLE-CREME, etc etc and two days ago, YELLOW. I took a photos of all the gifts my hubby prepared but it disappear mysteriously (I think it is in the other PC)... I could only find one in my computer today... *where are the rest..??**

Also, I would like to THANK edyna, erma, shahir, noorlin, haslina, my DAD and many more for your baby gift orders. From small2 order (as low as RM25) to big2 order. We'll try our best to deliver in time. Anyone who wanna order baby gift for your frens, pls drop me a message. We can deliver it to their doorstep (with the help of courier company if it happened to be out of Klang Valley boundaries). Just give us your budget and we'll work it out. To my frens in Dubai, UK, Abu Dhabi, Aussie, Jakarta, Guinea and Germany, feel free to contact me for any baby gifts order to be sent to babies in Malaysia.

Opss... and YES, we also have gift for mommies. Socks... nursing towel... mug... Simple and practical things.

HALF-cooked - was taken during the process. Havent finished yet.

Corporate Club Annual Dinner : Black and White

We had a Corporate Club dinner some times ago (Friday Nite). I won the best dressHonestly, I didnt see it coming at all because everybody looks good that night! My superior won the same award for male category (because he took a half day off to did his hair and went for facial treatment) *haha**.. 

The rest of the members just took a shower at the office and went straight to the Puteri Restaurant for the dinner... the theme was black and white. Sounds dull and I didnt vote for that theme. ANYWAY, IT ACTUALLY TURNED OUT VERY WELL! Black and white are a classy combination. Kudos to Azura for being the dinner director.

I also won the lucky draw - that's what they called it. (It was actually an exchange of gift because everybody have to buy something for someone else). They only draw the number... Here are the gifts for the nite... I went there with Nazreen only because my husband was pretty occupied with his work at the office and Nabil was asleep.