Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photoshoot at FRIM

This morning, we went to Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) with Nabil right after attending Canteen Day at his school. We are participating in a photography competition by FRIM - which ends tomorrow. The lady at the registration counter was so surprised since everyone went there today to submit their entries, but we went there to obtain the free permit (to take photos) and to collect the entry forms (read = we were just started).
I assured her that we will submit it on time tomorrow. We are just doing this for fun - as usual - because we know a lot of professional photographers are participating. 

Nabil was the most excited. He loves photography, he loves nature, he loves forest. Just like us. We gave him a DLSR and let him capture anything he wants. 
We went home later in the evening (after the photoshoot at FRIM, we attended a birthday party in Shah Alam). We spent some time to choose the best photos and rush to the photo shop to have them printed. We have just finished pasting all photos (5 each) on the mounting boards and burned the CDs.

My entries:

My husband's entries:
I need a rest. Exploring a forest while you are 5 months pregnant is not a good idea. It is freakin tiring.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy World Habitat Day 2012!

This Monday, 1 October 2012, is the World Habitat Day. This year's theme is Changing Cities, Building Opportunities. I will be attending the Official Launch of World Habitat Day (Malaysia) in Putrajaya International Convention Centre that day. Has been my routine since 2005.

Happy Habitat Day y'all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We won : Photojournalism Competition for World Habitat Day 2012

WE WON. Thanks for your prayers, readers!
This is my previous entry (click here) on our effort to participate in this competition. And a bit on our submission.

These are what I received yesterday (via fax) :
Korang.... I nak kad yg original....
My husband got the 1st prize. I am the 2nd runner up. Alhamdulillah.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Makan-makan Raya at Aidan

Last Saturday, my brother's office arranged a makan-makan Raya in their newly-renovated office. (Click here for his entry prior to the event)

We were so proud to see the newly-installed signage up there. AIDAN. The company's website > here.
And we even more prouder to see the lobby. Look how many entities they manage to establish in a few years. And the fact that they are very young. (OK, the photo is not that clear - go to the company's website if you wish to know more)
Makan time. I didnt capture a lot of photos because I was busy trying all the food. My brother is the one in green Baju Melayu, waving at the camera.
We tapau a few delicious desserts.
Note to Aidan office : Guys, you need to get a Febreeze and put charcoals in the office to get rid of the kambing golek smell afterwards ya.

Makan-makan Raya for neighbours

As usual, we didnt plan it at all.

After I finished baking (here), we went out to my brother's makan-makan Raya at his newly-renovated office (here) and came back at 6.00 pm. Suddenly, we decided to invite our neighbours for makan-makan that night (considering I have fruit jelly and chocolate cake ready *wink*) and we went out inviting our neighbours at 6.30 pm.

At 7.00 pm, I started to prepare ingredients for Mee Bandung Muar and my kids helped chopping mushrooms for bolognese sauce. I prepared angel hair spaghetti because it cook faster. We only have 1 hour 30 munites to prepare food, plating and tidy up the house. We told our neighbours that the makan-makan will start after Isyak.

After we done plating, our neighbours arrived. Together. PHEW!!!! We have nearly 20 kids in the house that night (I counted them for duit raya distribution purposes) but I am not sure how many adults were there. I guess there were more than 20. My SIL's family was there too!
It was simple and sweet. We had a blast chatting about pest problem in our neighbourhood (oh yes, it was interesting!), drainage problem and we exchanged recipes. I started to become makcik-makcik. The last neighbour arrived at 11 pm and he went back after the football match ended. LOL. I didnt know what time he went back. I finished cleaned up at 2.30 am.

Our Mee Bandung Muar. With a lot of prawns and meat :)
Angel hair spaghetti and bolognese sauce with extra mushroom and meat.
Our fruit jelly. It finished that night.
 Our last piece of chocolate cake. Glad they liked it!
Strawberry jellies from my aunt who happened to make extra jellies the day before.
Kuih raya.
I am blessed with a very understanding and harworking children. They helped me a lot, vacuum the carpet, clean the dishes and make sure I got enough rest. Nabil fell asleep in the kitchen at 1.30 am. Nazreen fell asleep at 2.15 am.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When we are bored, we bake

Last Saturday, I woke up and (out of nowhere) decided to make fruit cocktail jelly and bake a moist chocolate cake. As usual, my 3 kids were glad to help. When I took out these three magic containers, they were all smiling and jumping.
Nazran helped me with the jelly. Then he helped Nabil to mix the ingredients for chocolate cake. Nabil is wise enough to read the instruction and strong enough to stir the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Nazran just poured in the ingredients according to Nabil's instruction.

Nazreen, as usual, in charged of clearing up the area. Ultraman Mebius was on air that time. He wouldnt miss it for anything else.

They were all came out pretty good. 
For those who didnt know my kids, I have 3 lovely and helpful sons - Nabil (7 yo), Nazreen (5 yo) and Nazran (4 yo).

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I won : 3R Innovation Competition

Click here for my entry - crochet sling bag from old t-shirts.

And this was what I received recently.

On Photojournalism Competition

Me and my husband spent a few days during Raya holiday, looking around the true meaning of the theme "Changing Cities, Building Opportunites" around Kuala Lumpur, specifically in Lebuh Ampang and Bukit Bintang. It is the theme for a Photojournalism Competition for World Habitat Day 2012. We planned to submit a few entries, for fun. Just to make the secretariat happy. LOL. 

We move around KL on motorcycle, so it is easier for us to stop and capture photos from awkward angles, road side, traffic light and bus stop.
This is the cameraman in action.
The cameraman didnt capture my photo in action, to prove that I was also working hard (more of stare at the buildings and think HARD about the best concept for our presentation boards). 

It is nice to spend time together doing unusual stuff once in a while, although we were soaking wet on the way back due to a heavy downpour, carrying thick stack of books everywhere for a week, went through sleepless nights to agree on the concept and to actually finish the boards, facing problem at the printing shop and lots more. It was all started FOR FUN but it become more serious towards the end. LOL.
It would be nicer if one of us win the contest.

My entry. I printed it on A4 paper for proof-read before we headed to printing shop.
My husband's entry. Love his concept. Love his presentation.

You have to know this

I have a bun in the oven.
It has been 17 weeks now.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My article in MHLG Buletin

This is an article that I have submitted for MHLG's Buletin publication. I just received the issue from my ex-colleague since I left MHLG before the issue being printed. I almost forgot about it. Luckily she keep one copy for me :)
To my surprise, when I browsed through the buletin, I found a few photos of me in other articles. I purposely snapped a blurry picture for this blog. You know I didnt like to put my picture in my blog, rite?

The one with the hijab, of course.

The one with green hijab beside the Hon Minister.

The one in brown hijab.

My contribution for Habitat Magazine

Habitat Magazine, an annual publication by Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) Malaysia in commemoration with the World Habitat Day celebration, consists of selected articles on the issues of human settlement. It is circulated to all corner of the world in October every year. Click here > to see my desperate effort (LOL) to promote Habitat Magazine in Brunei, in 2011.

I was honoured to be given a chance to contribute to this excellent publication. This is for the first edition in 2009. See my name down there? 

In 2010, my colleague took over and the printing company did the layout.

This is for the third edition in 2011. My last work for Habitat Magazine before I transfered to the new office. I was a bit disappointed because the margin is a bit off.
I wrote an article for the third edition.
I hope my ex-collegues are doing well with the fourth edition of Habitat Magazine this year!

Japan Trip : Glimpses of Japan

They have this in all offices and office lobby. Public umbrella. Of course you need to return it after using it.
Petrol station.

Multi-storey parking.
Dispose compartment for used light bulbs and pendaflour light, for proper disposal / recycling purposes. Separation at source is practised widely in Japan.
Shy aunties at public housing in Minami-Suna.
Community garden at the public housing. It reminds me of Japanese movies I used to watch since I was in primary school.

Migrating friend sell preloved baby / lil girl stuff

My best online friend, Mye is letting go some stuff because she's migrating. She need to clear up her house asap. Among stuff that she is selling are infant bumbo seat, lil girl shoes and infant carrier - car seat (this one is only RM50 ok!!!). They are so cute and the price is, of course, very reasonable!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Japan Trip - Our chaffeur

I was so lucky to jump into the last MPV once we arrived at Narita Airport, Japan, (there were 2 MPVs and 1 Merc for us). I was lucky because the chaffeur is so professional, kind, responsible and cute, in a Japanese way. His name is Kazuyuki Nemoto. Since he was assigned to me and a few others, he took a really great care for us 24/7 until the day we depart for Hong Kong. I could take a ride in other MPV, of course, but I choose to stick to Moto. 
This is how fast they load in our luggage at the airport.
Our chaffeurs were ready all the time at the roadside. 
Me and Esther were in the mission to search for a kimono and yukata in less than one hour (we supposed to rest and change for a dinner that night but we have to do a quick shopping - our schedule was so tight). He contacted all kimono and yukata shops nearby to save time. It is a good thing that our chaffeurs are equipped with the latest hi-tech gadgets to ease their work (more of entertaining demanding clients like us).

I manage to get a kimono at the 3rd kimono store. It only took me 5 minutes to like it and buy it. They put a plastic cover because it always drizzles outside. How thoughtful!
This was when I went to the convenience store. He insisted to stood there, making sure that I am safe. Sukahati ko la.
This was his ritual before we depart to anywhere. Check the traffic condition online.
This was the best part. After our late dinner, me and Esther asked him to drive us around Tokyo. Since most of the shops are closed (it's already midnight FYI!) so he drove us to Yokohama, the second largest city (by population) in Japan (after Tokyo). It wasnt that near. It took us nearly 45 minutes to reach there. We visited Yokohama Osanbashi (piers) for 30 minutes, drive around for a while and back to Tokyo.

View of Osanbashi (pier) (taken from this blog).
It is beautiful during the day (plus the strong and cold sea breeze) and it is even more amazing at night with the lightings!