Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photoshoot at FRIM

This morning, we went to Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) with Nabil right after attending Canteen Day at his school. We are participating in a photography competition by FRIM - which ends tomorrow. The lady at the registration counter was so surprised since everyone went there today to submit their entries, but we went there to obtain the free permit (to take photos) and to collect the entry forms (read = we were just started).
I assured her that we will submit it on time tomorrow. We are just doing this for fun - as usual - because we know a lot of professional photographers are participating. 

Nabil was the most excited. He loves photography, he loves nature, he loves forest. Just like us. We gave him a DLSR and let him capture anything he wants. 
We went home later in the evening (after the photoshoot at FRIM, we attended a birthday party in Shah Alam). We spent some time to choose the best photos and rush to the photo shop to have them printed. We have just finished pasting all photos (5 each) on the mounting boards and burned the CDs.

My entries:

My husband's entries:
I need a rest. Exploring a forest while you are 5 months pregnant is not a good idea. It is freakin tiring.

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