Saturday, November 22, 2008

zoo again and again and again...

My hubby was kind enough to frame my ZOO drawing because my dear kids really love it. They learn a lot from that esp the meow-ing and roar-ing parts. Were looking for a thick white frame with a white board, but to no avail. So we just settled for the brown frame with a beige board. It actually looks good since the frame matches the road.

We hang it for a while at the living room so the kids could look at it everyday (wah, sudah syok sendiri ni). After my maternity leave, I will definitely bring it to my office.

The nyonya at the frame shop told me, "Wah... talented kid u got meh... U shud bring her to drawing competition anywhere lor..".. Ow, thank you, thank you. Now I am confused.

complicated life (dramatic, no?)

I am in the midst of completing a shades of green crochet blanket for my baby (I dont mention which baby, so, it would be fine if I complete it in another 2-3 years time, no?).

Am also trying to crochet a simple bootie (in case HE IS A BABY BOY). But…. There’s a problem tho. I couldn’t manage to crochet SIMILAR bootie for BOTH SIDE. One is perfect while the other will be *shorter*, if not *smaller* or senget or suddenly become square or totally ends up with different design (like, one without a button and another one suddenly got button *%&$&!!). **Lotsa trial and errors involved here**.

I don’t know why this time, SIMPLE thing seems VERY COMPLICATED. I had crocheted many other things before. No mistake in the calculation. Why…o…why…

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ZOO.. again

There are some ppl interested to know DETAILS on my winning entry from drawing competition last week. Here are the explanation (boy, I hope everything else is easily recognisable) ;