Monday, July 28, 2008


Last weekend, we went for a holiday at Bukit Tinggi. We just want to relax2 a bit, but with kiddos running around, everywhere, it was more tiring than relaxing. The best part was at the swimming pool. After intensive training at Tiara and Ulu Yam every week, we lepas the budak2 in the pool for water confidence training. The kecik one is extremely excited to see the pool. He joined his brother and cousins to do the kicking exercise... then, he jump2 into the pool whenever we take him out of the water. And... yup, they had a fever today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have big things coming up with my business (which remains secret until...err.. the right time)... But before I could start doing work for it, I have to wait for my brother to come home. He is in Spain right now. He is my advisor for everything. Without his advise, I kinda like AFRAID to make any major move. in business.

Monday, July 14, 2008

14 July 2008


(trying to balance here)
My milestones :
4mos - I started to lie on my tummy
6mos - I surprised the whole house by pulling myself up and stand in my cot in one fine morning
7mos - Yes, I am navigating around the house by holding onto the walls, sofas...
8mos - I walk...
9mos - I climb the staircase to our room every night. My mom said, the more tired I am, the easier I sleep
10mos - I play football
11mos - My doctor was amazed to see me running around in the clinic
12mos - Yeah, today. I should be able to take a bath myself... and prepare food, tomorrow... and do my own laundry the day after...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was a director for exhibition during our final semester for DPA course. It was supposed to be the highlight of the 6 months (but I really not satisfied with the outcome due to lack of manpower and time). Anyway, this is actually my favourite element of the exhibition (my fault for focusing MOST OF MY TIME on this big blocks). This was during the preparation. Really appreciate helps from my frens... Burn and Basit. The rest who are not appear here. Thank you to you too...

This is the final look (well, it supposed to be 2/2005, but at last minute we changed to 2/2006). Yup we made that huge butterfly as well because we chose the theme of EVOLUTION.

The FINAL NIGHT after the closing ceremony, we had our farewell supper somewhere in TTDI, to celebrate our bitter sweet moments together. I bring along the letter (it took TWO cars to transport THREE letters). And it ends up like this... I am the one ON A.

I really loves those blocks especially the A because it was the first TRY and it succeed. I made it myself.... So I decided to bring it back. This is what happened...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

photography skill

My son is very fascinated when it comes to photography. These are some of his works. Anyone who require an amateur photography service, please contact me.

Nah.. I would like to promote my another fren here, he is extremely good in photography (he has THE sense).. here, you can get the rest of his link-link here. By promoting his services here, I wish to get .... (fill in the blank)..

I pray for my son to have the same (if not better) photography skill/sense in the future...

Monday, July 7, 2008

A-ha! Caught In The Act

This is what happened when I wasn't around. Nabil will try to breastfeed his brother. Usually he will take up his shirt.

Friday, July 4, 2008

shoes museum 01

My husband has an obsession towards kids'/babies' footwear. He could spend a fortune just for a pair of tiny shoes (i really avoid Adidas boutique for the time being). I don't quite agree with his shoe obsession, but.. sometimes I do like it when they have particular footwear for particular occasion. Since our kids have quite a number of footwears, we have created online album (or we call it shoe-museum) to refresh our memory on the collection, so that we didn't left any shoes unattended (is this the right word?) for a long time. For my husband, kid should look smart, not cute. Notice we didn't have any shoes with bear or mickey mouse or any other kiddie icon?



No one to play with.

This is why I decided to have the 2nd one.

(nahh... I love being pregnant and WE love to have as many kids).


My son (Nabil) have a thing about Mr Bean. He made me do this and make it as my wallpaper. He is very happy everytime I turn on my laptop. (This is when he undergo a treatment for KUTU - he got it from the nursery - but now, the kutu is gone)... He seems so bulat in this photo *lol*.

Kutu = lice
Bulat = err.... round?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ode to my fren who sell cakes

He is also a good fren of mine.
He is a lecturer in architecture school, happened to rent a house with a pastry chef. And he ends up selling cakes / pastries with his chef fren. (is this how the story should be?). professionally. By promoting his cakes in my blog, I hope I will get free cheesecakes (notice the S at the back?). Here,

Ode to my fren in DUBAI, UAE

I have a good fren in Dubai / Abu Dhabi (choose one). He claim to be "very-the-lonely" but photos in his blog reflect otherwise *lol*. He went out a lot, eat goooooooooooooddd stuff (yeah, lotsa photos there) and surrounded by good people. Here,