Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Latest addition to our family of six

At last. After contemplating for more than a year. Since I was pregnant with Nazmi. We bought it in February 2014.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


5S Audit is scheduled to be on 8 May 2014.
As usual, everyone have to tidy up their workplace and the whole office. We have assigned each officers and supporting staff to specific zones. I was assigned to our green corner, waiting area, counter and 5S zone.

Since the officers are extremely busy (we went back around 8-9pm everyday) at this point of time, so we decided take it slowly and encourage everyone to do their part in 30 minutes everyday.

We came out with this fun promo for Day 01. 
Below reminder is sent twice, before lunch hour (so they can do it during lunch time) and before 4.30pm (before people start to go home).
Good idea, huh?

Monday, April 21, 2014

food : cream biscuit + tomato stew

I made tomato stew last weekend (here) and last Sunday, my husband requested the same stew for lunch. Weee :)

We dont want to eat rice. And we ran out of bread. So I made....
Cream biscuits! It is a bit crispy at the outside but have a bread-y consistency in the inside. I grated cheddar cheese on top and sprinkle some chopped parsley. I supposed to knead them together with the dough but I forgot. I cut it into bite-size squares.
For the tomato stew, there are tomatoes (duh), garlic, celery, onion and a bit of herbs de provenceYummy.
Baby Nazmi loves it!

You'll be missed

I love our nangka tree. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

food : tomato stew, grilled chicken and chocolate cake

Last weekend, I prepared a tomato stew, grilled chicken and fried fish with white rice for my kids. They usually eat a lot after their tuition which stretched from morning until 1pm. This is the photo after the lunch.
In the evening, I felt like eating chocolate cake but no egg available in our pantry. I google-d eggless chocolate cake recipe and after 45 minutes, we had these precious little things on the cooling rack. I cut the cake into small portion so it would be easier for the kids to eat.
Chocolate cake rocks!

Junior Pictionary

Today, we play Pictionary. It is a present from my aunt who used to work in Manchester. 
To summarise, they have to throw the dice, move the marker, draw whatever written on the card within one minute. There is a small hourglass to tell the time. These are some examples of what they have to draw in order to complete the game.
Nazran do not know how to draw many things before but this game somehow pushed him to draw everything! And he can actually draw!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

G&B Cluttered Desk Art Print

I am quite busy with preparing orders for G&B frames. A lot of trips to the printing shop and a few rolls of bubble wrap involved since the frames are fragile. 

This is the IN thing now for G&B Lifestyle Shop, although I havent advertise it here yet. Everyone need the [purple] frame to justify their cluttered desk at the workplace. LOL.
Anyone who wants to order this, just leave a message or email me -
A4 size. High quality frame. RM25.

Last time I used different frame and it is quite fragile. Now it is high quality frame.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Library Open Day

Today is our Library Open Day. MPH is selling a lot of interesting books at a discounted price. There are a lot of activities going on throughout the day.  
I have been eyeing for this book for quite sometimes. I even queued at the MPH counter at KLIA to pay for this book before I departed to Medan last year, but I return it back to the shelves right after the man before me finished paying his books. I dont know why. 
I dreamed about it since.

Today, I just cant say no. She is too beautiful. I have to take her home.

Health Day 2014

My previous post on Health Day 2013 (here).

Today is the Health Day at my office. Who would decline the free of charge full medical check up offer? At level 6, I went to get my blood pressure readings, BMI and I gave away a few specimens to be tested :)
At the ground floor, I went for pap smear and clinical breast examination. 
They also offer reflexology and corporate massages (on that unique chair at the top). I registered for both but I have to went back to the office to settle some work. So I missed the reflexology. The corporate massage is available anytime at my office. We just have to set an appointment with the in-house masseur.

Shortly after that, I went for a talk on organic food, composting and how to plant your own vegetables and fruits. They taught us to make our own organic insect repellent and liquid fertiliser. COOL! 

I am totally going to blog about that.
...if I manage to make my own fertiliser and insect repellent.

I love my office.

They read books

Notice I left the below portion of the bookshelves empty or with just a few things? The area is within Nazmi's reach so no point putting anything there. It will end up on the floor, if not in his mouth.

Nazmi reads a book

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shrimp fishing

We went shrimp fishing yesterday! It was my first time.

This is the kind of activity that I enjoy doing with my family on weekend. It was unplanned. As usual. If Sham (my husband) is around, chances of doing spontaneous activities or go for unplanned trip are really high.

We went there with my nephew, Haziq. Minus baby Nazmi. It is a new shrimp pool in Sungai Kertas, Gombak. The owner is my husband's friend. We use perumpun (a kind of saltwater worm) as a bait. Euw. 
We take turns holding the lines. We purposely rented two lines because we knew kids will be running around, exploring the area, watching the shrimp and enjoying their meal at the pool side. Nazreen almost fell asleep twice while waiting for the shrimp to eat the bait.
Nabil was the first one to catch a shrimp. A huge one.
Harvest of the day. Yummy.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Arabic Class & Dictionaries

I registered for Arabic Language Class at my office this year to help Nabil and Nazreen to do their Arabic homework. I have learned Arabic in IIUM so it was quiet easy for me to understand the basic.

This is the dictionary that we use in the class. One of the authors is my Arabic ustaz, Dr. Mohd. Phozi Usop. He taught us the step-by-step on how to use the dictionary since Arabic dictionary is different from others.
And today, I bought this for my kids. I hope it could help them in doing their homework.
Highly recommended.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hi blog

Hi Blog,

I hope you still remember me.
I was and am extremely occupied with work. I came home at 8pm or 9pm everyday. And the fact that my laptop gone kaput is one of the reasons that I dont see you regularly. I am involved in preparing 11th Malaysia Plan for our nation, so it takes up most of my days.

And nights. Yes, I dream about 11th Malaysia Plan every night - I must be a very good citizen.

Baby Nazmi had an acute bronchiolitis. Nabil had ear infection. Our house has serious pest issue. Water shortage. Squirrel ate our apples. My chilli plants were dead. Purple kids' room is now white. A lot of things going on in between.

See you soon since I will be having a new laptop.