Monday, April 14, 2014

Shrimp fishing

We went shrimp fishing yesterday! It was my first time.

This is the kind of activity that I enjoy doing with my family on weekend. It was unplanned. As usual. If Sham (my husband) is around, chances of doing spontaneous activities or go for unplanned trip are really high.

We went there with my nephew, Haziq. Minus baby Nazmi. It is a new shrimp pool in Sungai Kertas, Gombak. The owner is my husband's friend. We use perumpun (a kind of saltwater worm) as a bait. Euw. 
We take turns holding the lines. We purposely rented two lines because we knew kids will be running around, exploring the area, watching the shrimp and enjoying their meal at the pool side. Nazreen almost fell asleep twice while waiting for the shrimp to eat the bait.
Nabil was the first one to catch a shrimp. A huge one.
Harvest of the day. Yummy.

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