Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Health Day 2014

My previous post on Health Day 2013 (here).

Today is the Health Day at my office. Who would decline the free of charge full medical check up offer? At level 6, I went to get my blood pressure readings, BMI and I gave away a few specimens to be tested :)
At the ground floor, I went for pap smear and clinical breast examination. 
They also offer reflexology and corporate massages (on that unique chair at the top). I registered for both but I have to went back to the office to settle some work. So I missed the reflexology. The corporate massage is available anytime at my office. We just have to set an appointment with the in-house masseur.

Shortly after that, I went for a talk on organic food, composting and how to plant your own vegetables and fruits. They taught us to make our own organic insect repellent and liquid fertiliser. COOL! 

I am totally going to blog about that.
...if I manage to make my own fertiliser and insect repellent.

I love my office.

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