Friday, May 31, 2013

Health Day

Health Day in my office. Everybody has access to free full medical check up that day.

Full of activities. There were medical check up, organ donation campaign, health talk, organic food stall, reflexology massage by Malaysian Association for the Blind, mammogram screening programme, clinical breast examination, detox corner, cancer awareness campaign, bekam and lots more.

Registration - urine & blood samples - reflexology massage.
Then, to the clinical examination in MAKNA's mobile unit.
After that, pap smear test in LPPKN's mobile unit.
Lastly, to the BMI and blood pressure counter before I proceed to the ECG room.


Anonymous said...


program apa ni.. berminat nak buat prog seumpamanya;)


garlic & butter said...

I will get back to you.
Our HR yang arrange. They paid full amount for the full checkup for those who are registered so we were exempted from the fee.