Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello Pole!!!

Yup, I was there accompanying Tok Pa.
No blue square this time because I got help from a pole.
This was last year's. I will attend Metaltech 2013 tomorrow. Or the day after. I - MUST - GO. I am working my charm now to get the VIP pass for the exhibition.
My friend asked me WHY I refused to accompany her to the International Shoe Festival somewhere around March in PWTC but I really excited to attend the exhibition on heavy machinery,  equipment and tools, at the same venue? 

My answer would be we should stop to overgeneralised women with shoes and men with tools. Some women loves tools, you know. (No Hanim, the truth is, I was still in confinement in March ;p)


Aisyatun said...


You kerja apa sebenarnya? Asyik dengan menteri-menteri dan keluar negara saja. Seronok betul.

garlic & butter said...

Thanks. I am a civil servant.