Monday, May 27, 2013


I received a comment highlighted about an FB art competition with the theme "A Trip to the Zoo". 
I was so surprised because SOMEONE entered the competition using my artwork taken from this blog. THIS ENTRY.
It doesnt stop there. 
Somebody else uses my sister's artwork.
And another one entered the competition using my brother's.
I found it amusing. These drawings must be very good that people are using them for competition. Please learn to draw, people.

It is a low-key competition, anyway. I dont mind. I've told the Admin that they should be disqualified. I am sure images from this blog are being widely used out there for whatever reason. When it is available online, it will, of course, be accessible to everyone. 

I will only put watermark on selected images. 


nihadriz said...


like my illustrated manuals! god knows what those supplement sellers get from promoting their pages/blogs using my manuals.

teruk kan?

these days people tak tau ke apa itu IP and copyright?

sheeshhhh... marah pulak rasanya baca entry kak nuyu ni. huhuhuhuh..

btw the way, the first drawing is really good!!!

Nurul said...

I know, right? I've been following your case for quite sometimes.

it is teruk in your case, but in my case, it was just pertandingan melukis dengan adik-beradik dan anak-anak and anak buah, so, i dont mind at all.

Nurul said...

oh, thanks for the compliment.