Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nabil : World Map

Nabil shows his interest in world map. He first discovered the map in my organiser. I explained to him on what is a country, different continents, various seas/oceans and the world climate. I told him stories on some countries - in which he could relate - so it is easier for him to remember about that particular country and its location. I showed him Australia and told him I bought his stuffed wombat over there. I showed him Sweden and said his uncle (my brother) will go there to work (he went back already). I showed him UAE and said Atok and Nenny went there to perform Hajj.

Everytime time we watched news on the television about particular country, I will test him, "What continent is Mali in?", "Where is Bolivia?", etc. Most of the time, he answered it correctly. Kids have excellent memory.

These are some test we did over the weekend. I asked him to list down some countries according to the continent. 
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