Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Almost 20 people (including you, you and YOU ;p) asked me, "Ni dah start kerja ni, mesti dah campur, kan?" this weekFor moms out there, you know what they're talking about.

This is my answer : Exclusive breastfeeding. 
Trying my best to complete EBF until Nazmi reaches 2 years old (or whenever he decided to wean off).  iA. Same goes to my other sons. I EBF anywhere (while walking at the mall, while eating at the restaurant, at wedding reception, etc) and I express the milk whenever I have time. I am using manual and battery-operated pumps so it is not that complicated. I keep it handy in my handbag and it can be assembled in 10 seconds. 

EBF is the best. But I know some people might have constraints in EBF-ing their babies. So for those BF fanatic out there, dont look down on them. 

After publishing this post, one reader emailed me asking about how many oz I manage to express at the office. Here :

I BF Nazmi before I went to the office. Pumped around 4oz (sometimes I skipped this).
Lunch hour - 6oz
After office hour - 6oz
Before going to bed - Another 6oz

All together maximum of 22oz per day. Around 650ml.
But bare in mind that it will be different next month. And the month after that. And the month after because the supply will increase as the baby grows. This is the amount for the 3rd month.  Thank you.


nihadriz said...

Super like this! :D

garlic & butter said...

Thanks, Niha. We are in the same boat.

nihadriz said...

i pump 5-6 times a day. raya ke ribut ke mengundi ke, tetap pump!

although my production is less now, around 2-3oz per session (pernah dapat 0.5 oz pun hehe), tetap simpan.

i usually pump before subuh, 3 times at the office, and tandem after work. malam pump lagi kalau sempat (now Amna reverse cycle so biasanya memang tak pump malam)

anyway, i really don't get it when mommies complain on less milk production. bila tanya - pump bila bengkak je. i would feel annoyed by then :P

breast is the best! :D

garlic & butter said...

Kena stay up kat studio pun, kena pump! haha.

Yes, time production low kena keep on pumping but not everybody would be as motivated (Reverse cycle is such a blessing - boleh rest kejap).

Maybe we could motivate them by saying, the more milk produced, the more calories will be burned and you will get slimmer sooner :)

nihadriz said...

slimmer sooner?

I WISH! gemuk tak turun2 berat ni. mau tak nangis tengok baju lama semua tak muat :P

garlic & butter said...

HELLO! YOU ARE SLIM LA! I saw your photo in grey shirt while u babywearing Amna! So slim.

We burn more calories than those who don't BF but this extra calorie burn does not always equate to weight loss.

It is due to the fact that we are hungrier than those who dont BF. This extra hunger drives us to overeat.

Overeat all the time.