Thursday, May 2, 2013

OUR Birthday celebration

My birthday was on 30 April. My cousins' were on 25 and 29 April. The celebration was held on 1 May. As usual, there were a lot of food and laughter, and the kids were having fun with the balloons.
The food.
I bake a marshmallow brownies and I made honey mustard dipping sauce for french fries.
The best part - as usual - would be the birthday presents :)
haha. macam budak-budak.

Early in the morning, my dad woke me up and said he bought me a deep freezer (he didnt said it is FOR MY BIRTHDAY. He usually bought stuff for my house, for my kids (TV, refrigerator, etc), but since he bought it a day after my birthday, so I just ASSUME it is my birthday present) Surprising, indeed. Me and my husband stared at the huge box on the lorry for a couple of minutes. Really? A deep freezer? wow. 
I am so thankful because there's no space left in our existing freezer to store Nazmi's milk supply. The timing is right. 

My brother gave me this set. From THE shop. Love it very much. 
My sister gave me a WHITE coffee mug. Love it! I even gave her a name. I called her Puteh. I brought Puteh to the office today. I made hot chocolate in the morning. Right now, I filled it with hot water and pretending like I am sipping hot coffee - it gave me a psychological edge to stay awake until 5.30 pm (oi, mengantuk sangat). I dont drink coffee during exclusive breastfeeding. 
My cousins gave me an umbrella - because I told them I want an umbrella for my birthday. A cool transparent umbrella with WHITE handle. 
My mom gave me LOVE.

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