Monday, June 30, 2008


yes.. the third one :o)
Am happy with it but I have trouble telling others the good news (why? > - if it didn't appear sooner, it will be LATER. It took us two months to find a way to tell my parent. And almost four months to tell HIS parent. And GOD knows when I am gonna tell my colleagues. haha... guess they'll find out soon as I couldn't hide my baby bump anymore. *lol*

Date to remember : EDD - 9 December 2008


Friday, June 20, 2008

confession.... about the centrespreadsss

I have a confession.... those in YELLOW is ME. Most of the photos is from my digicam and I received the rest at a very last minutes. So, I am sorry for the many-many times my face appeared there. Others, just to freshen up my memory on my participation in every event held during DPA. I involved in one after another projects until nak termuntah buat montage, backdrop, invitation cards and you name it.... non-stop.... but, i enjoyed it, tho.

I still feel bad for unable to deliver for Deeparaya event (sorry BURN). Mental block. A very severe one. I cant event design a single thing for two days. Just imagine.

centrespread - semester TWO

centrespread - semester ONE

I had a chance to be in the creative team for Publication Bureau in PTD Batch 2/2005's 6 months DPA course. We had a great time (you can see it in our centrespreads) and I had the privilege to compile it for our mag "EVOLUSI".

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i like to cook and bake. i'll post some of my food presentation photo later. My dad really irritated when i started to play chef during dinner *lol* because he said the food is too good to eat. Anyway, these are photos of cupcake with fondant (emergency one) I made for my staff, Nurhaslinda Muhamad, who was transfered to her hometown few months ago AND an alphabet chocolate cookie I made with my boys - because they remember the alphabet better when I associate it with food.


My sons were blessed with an interesting sleeping position or sleeping spot preference. It was amusing to catch them on the camera once in a while. I found it very cute.

Here some photos of them sleeping inside the floaties, wearing a helmet (because I always complaint on him banging his head against the wall while sleeping), sleeping on top of my sleeping husband and sleeping on the fit ball.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I had entered the Idea Competition for World Habitat Day 2007 Celebration. The task given is very simple. Design anything that suit the theme of “A Safe City is A Just City”. This is my winning entry. Not the first place (there is NO FIRST PLACE WINNER), I only received the Honourable Mention Award. 

On the first board, there is a RED DOT beside the FLIP word (found it?). On the real board, it is covered by a piece of paper so that you can flip it up and down, as a humor element on my board. Seriousness kills the fun, right?

I planned to create another board for my husband's entry. But, it was really a last minute decision. Or else, he’ll be RM500 richer. Anyway, the organizer is looking for the fund/takers to construct MY REDBOX as a pilot project in my proposed location. 

Monday, June 2, 2008

thousand words

Here are some of my favourite photos I took during my recent trip to Australia. Some old ladies choose a WRONG WAY *kih kih kih*... and the aussies have a cute way to prevent rabbit from eating their small plant. Yes, for them, rabbits are pest.

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