Monday, December 31, 2012

Small Nice Wolves

This is their activity during school break. Reading.
I really love this Big Bad Wolf T-Shirt. I bought the cute T-shirt for them and for my husband during the recent Big Bad Wolf Mission 63. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy one for me. 


RS said...

hi salam....

i found this website one day while i was hopping about in cyberspace. i found it very interesting :-

we can read up other people's work or we can even put together our own piece. i just thought that kids in particular would love this because we can custom make it and personalised the content to our needs or lesson plans (for teachers in particular or anyone who are interested). i find that its a very artsy way to promotse reading and creativity

i dont hv kids, so for now im sharing it with other who does....

also, a short video on it as intro :-


garlic & butter said...

COOL! x 1000.
The wolves will love this!
Thank you!

RS said...


gosh, surely not wolves. wolves are scary creature. you meant your cute little 'puppies'....hihihi

be sure to blog updates on garlicandbutter's activities!!

btw, baby check-up should be about now kan? All is well i hope :)