Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update : Garage Sale 2012

Earlier post on the Garage Sale (here).
On Tuesday, I started with 30 items.
And today, only 9 items left. 

Just hoping I could sell the rest on the last day, which is tomorrow. It is easier to bring back ONLY the table cloth. Considering that I am 32 weeks pregnant and the event took place at different office block, about 10-minutes walk from my office. It is on level 16. The elevator service only available up to level 15. I have to use staircase to get to the hall on the 16th floor. It sounds simple. But it is tiring. For me :p

These are some items sold by my colleagues.
Brand new and second hand clothing, handbags and new shoes, starting from RM1. Crazy isnt it? They also sell homemade Oreo cheese cake, Japanese cheese cake, durian crepe and other type of cheese cake. I spent A LOT on cheese cakes in three days. lol.

This is my favourite booth. Opposite our booth. They sell jewelry, home furnishing items and a lot of unique stuff from all over the world - South Africa, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, the States and many more. Also as low as RM1.

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