Thursday, November 29, 2012

Japan trip : Lunch @ Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo

The entrance. I just love the facade.
 Welcoming drink.
Lunch In Honour of my YB Minister's visit to Japan.
I didnt capture a lot of photos since it is inappropriate considering the crowd that I was in. I only manage to capture the entree. I think it is a mushroom soup. I cant remember.
And the main course. There were actually more superb dishes but I chose chicken curry and mushroom to go with the rice. We are going to leave Japan and depart to Hong Kong afterward, so I dont eat much.
Credit to the CEO of Alam Flora for this photo. I sat beside Datuk Nadzri. To his right is the Ambassador's spouse and the Ambassador himself. He is so friendly and super nice.
See? I was the only one with the cellphone on the table? VERY INAPPROPRIATE.


Dyna said...

oh, engkau sangat comel di sebelah Dato Nadzri!!! Dengan pose yg ala2 diva begitu.

Nurul said...