Friday, November 2, 2012

Chocolate moist cakes and cuppies

My SIL ordered a chocolate moist cake last weekend and she wants it by Saturday. On Night 01 (Thursday) after came back from the office, I made 3 cake mixes - one for my SIL (the whole cake), one for Nabil's class party (40pcs of cupcakes) and one for Nazreen's farewell party at his taska (since he will be joining preschool next year) (another 40pcs). The cupcakes were not consistent in height because I have too many helpers in the kitchen :)
The steamed cake for my SIL didnt turned out as I expected since my mom's wet kitchen is located at the exterior part of the house and it was raining heavily outside, so the temperature for steaming process was inconsistent. It doesnt cooked thoroughly but it is still edible, tho.

I ended up I making another cake on Night 02 (Friday) and I decided to bake it in the oven after discussing it with my BFF from PassionBite. He is a baking expert. Although it didnt came out as moist as my signature steamed cake, but it cooked thoroughly. That's what matters most. I made an extra 12pcs cupcakes for my BIL and PIL, spread chocolate ganache on top, packed everything and sent it to my MIL's house at 10pm.
I hope it survived a night at my MIL's and I REALLY HOPE it was safely delivered it to my SIL the next day. I didnt get any feedback yet. Gosh, it is truly a gut-wrenching feeling to wait for the feedback. Should I call her? or not?

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