Sunday, November 4, 2012

Taekwondo Grading and PoomsaeTournament

This morning, Nabil and Nazreen took part in Taekwondo Grading and Poomsae Tournament. Since I was in my first trimester, I didnt bring them to the training because of the constant nausea and headache. So, they missed a lot of training. When they were making a comeback last month, their Master suggested they joined the grading and tournament. I wasnt sure but they really determined to take part.
They didnt train as hard as last time (this entry and this entry), but it went great. I was shouting hysterically when they announced Nazreen won the third place! I didnt see it coming at all. He received a bronze medal and he was extremely happy :) He kissed the medal once he got it.
Then Nabil received his medal.
We are so happy, both of them succeed in their grading (Nabil - yellow to yellow with green stripe dan and Nazreen - white to yellow) and they won the tournament. Again.

I am glad both of them joined the club (here).

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