Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cameron Highland : Homemade evening snack and dinner

I have posted an entry on our homemade breakfast (here) for our Cameron Highland trip (here).

These are our evening snack, Cameron style :

[ Top, left ] Boiled Cameron honey sweet potatoes.

[ Top, right ] Soft boiled Cameron baby potatoes. Some we ate just like that, my mom took a few and mix it with tuna spread, to be eaten with bread and I mashed the rest.

[ Below, right ] Pengat keledek. A traditional Malay dessert - diced sweet potatoes and sago pearls boiled in coconut milk and palm sugar mixture.
And this was our simple dinner - steamboat.
We dipped in fresh Cameron Highland vegetables, mushrooms, rice noodles, fish cakes, fried dried tofu and eggs into the vegetable soup. We also prepared special dipping sauce with Thai chili sauce and tom yam paste.