Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cameron Highland : Homemade breakfast

Since we were expecting thunderstorm in Cameron Highland throughout our stay there, I have planned to cook light meal for my family, just in case. So I brought pancake mix, rice noodles, rice, bread, eggs, chocolate milk and a few other cooking ingredients.

These are our breakfast for a couple of days, Cameron Highland style:

We bought Cameron Highland's famous sweet potatoes and honey sweet potatoes from Kea Farm. They came in three colours - white, orange and purple. I soaked them in the batter and deep fried it. Although the purple sweet potatoes looks like a deep fried wooden splint, it does tastes great!  

Hot deep fried sweet potatoes and hot Cameronian Gold Blend tea are the perfect kampung breakfast combination on a chilly morning.
We also bought plenty of strawberries everyday from Kea Farm, S'Corner, Tanah Rata and Brinchang Night Market. I made some fluffy pancakes to go with the strawberries. We ate it with butter, honey, chocolate and of course, a lot of strawberries! I paired it with plain green tea (no sugar added) to balance the sweetness of the food. My kids love green tea so much.
I just love to cook. It was more fun to cook together with my mom, very early in the morning, when everybody else were still sleeping soundly.