Monday, November 26, 2012

On traveling and kids

When you said you LOVE TRAVELING so much, I expect you to be an adventurous person. Please dont complaint about the food at every stop or compare it with Warung Pak Lang's kat kampung, your aunt's cooking, your own cooking, comparing the price and all. Just shut up and eat. Please.

Dont talk about missing apam balik or goreng pisang when you are traveling abroad. Or else, dont travel that far.

If you have been traveling a lot, you should be able to understand that places you have suggested are not SUITABLE for my family with three small kids (soon to be four). We prefer somewhere else with more efficient public transportation system, laid back, less crowded and have a lot of good samaritans.

We dont shop like crazy while traveling. We love to stroll around, observe the locals and took a lot of photos while traveling. Dont count us in for any shopping trip. Please.

I dont like the idea of my kids traveling with other people. If they want to go somewhere, they should go with US. The parent. In our own car. I also didnt like to take out only one kid at a time to go to i.e. National Zoo or National Science Centre. He will have a tendency to tell about his interesting experience to the rest and that will create unnecessary conflict among them. If you have more than one child, you should be able to understand the situation. You have to be fair to everybody.

If you are traveling with us, dont complaint in case we are late since I have to deal with three small kids, while you are not.

When it comes to travel, I love to do it with others with small kids because they tend to be more understanding and didnt complaint much esp when my kids take turn to go to the toilet - at different places, took a longer time to finish their meal, throw up after finishing their meal, throwing tantrum (very rare these days), getting cranky when it passed their afternoon nap and other unexpected things that kids would do.

Being with a group with no small kids makes me uncomfortable since they have forgotten how was it like to travel with small kids and they will always be in a rush. Sometimes we just cant keep up and by the end of the day, everybody will be very tense. Especially me.

I am not making my sons as my excuse. I just want people to understand the differences between traveling with and without small kids. 

And please dont give my kids sweet treats - candies, ice cream or carbonated drinks to make them "happy" or "behave" during traveling. I will not be happy about that. Ask me first. Sugar rush will make them worse. Although some claimed it to be a myth but I do believe it is true. I've seen it myself. 

Sweet treats are bad for their health (and their teeth). In case you didnt know.



Isma said...

Dear! I love this post! I totally can relate!

garlic & butter said...


A few moms emailed me and said the same :)