Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nazreen was sick

Nazreen was very sick two weeks before the school starts. He was down with a fever for a week and suddenly rashes developed all over his body. I asked him to sleep with us so I could monitor his temperature all night. He is prone to seizure if he has a very high fever. I cant sleep at night because I was so worried. I ended up being a walking zombie for a week plus in the office. That's the best part of being a mother. You will do anything for your kids :)

We took him to a clinic for a blood test, to rule out dengue. His blood refuse to came out. LOL. The doctor have to stick the needle at four (or five) different spots. Pity Nazreen, but he is one brave boy. After a while, the doctor asked us to bring him to the hospital (the next day) because she cant conduct the blood test due to insufficient blood sample. She tried, but to no avail.
The next day. 
After a few blood tests, the doctor confirmed he only has viral infection. Alhamdulillah. After four bottles of antibiotics, he is OK :)

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