Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First day of school : 2013

I took a day off.
Early in the morning, we sent Nabil and Nazreen to the school. This was the first day for Nazreen at public pre-school.
This was Nabil in his class on the first day. He actually entered a wrong class at the third floor and lucky enough I was looking for his class teacher that morning. We manage to bring Nabil back to his class, at the ground floor :)
 This was Nazran at his brothers' school. He was so sleepy and a bit cranky.
Then we went to Nazran's preschool and registered him. After that, we went to pick up Nazreen after his class. We have another one hour before Nabil's class ended, so we went to a hypermarket to buy a clear plastic container that my dad asked for. Boy, he was really tired.
Then we picked up Nabil and send him off to sekolah agama. It was really tiring for me. And for the kids as well.

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