Friday, February 15, 2013

Confinement period = reading time!!!

What I love about my confinement period is... I have unbelievable amount of time to READ! yay!
Yes, I need to feed the baby, change his nappy, express the milk, but that didnt take me the whole day. I am blessed with easy to handle babies. They dont cry. They are not colicky. When they are awake, they just stare at the ceiling the whole time, acting like they are very excited to see the ceiling fan and the lighting fixtures.
I stay up all night reading so I didnt miss the two-hourly feeding. I also can just sit and read a book during the day, in between cooking and doing laundry. Yes, we are now back to our own house on the 10th day and I do the house chore myself. Slowly. I still wear bengkung, bertungku, watch what I eat, just like what women in confinement supposed to do. 

My brother lend me a few interesting books. I just started the first one but I left it at my mum's. I am now trying my best to finish the last book I bought at Big Bad Wolf Sale last time.

**I dont online much during confinement period. I prepared some blog entries and set it to auto-publish for the whole week. Two or three entries per day.


Dyna said...

Wanna go to BBW Aftermath Sale with me? I can hold your baby. You pull the trolley bag ;p

garlic & butter said...

I take care the baby at home, you go and buy books for me :) haha.