Monday, February 11, 2013

VBAC, big deal

I had a c-sect for my third son in 2008 and I decided to have a VBAC this time around. I had prepared myself physically and mentally especially on not to get intimidated with the downside of the VBAC especially on the risk of uterine rupture. I only read good stuff on VBAC. I know it is risky but assurance from doctors, nurses and midwives has put me in different perspective. And I am really determine to have a VBAC. C-sect is so torturing.
Anyway, I had a successful VBAC!!! Yay!!

Thanks to the great team in Selayang Hospital who monitored me closely all the time. The charming anaes, Dr Nurulhasyim, the experienced doctor, Dr Suriani, Dr Wong, two other beautiful doctors which I didnt get their name, Dr Shogan, Dr Adrian and Dr Jeslyn, the speacialist in-charged for my case, Dr Philip, the cute paed, Dr Maimuna and all nurses and midwives. That was the best team so far and I have a great labour experience! Thank you doctors!


nurultao said...

salam.boleh tahu camna puan discuss dengan pihak hospital selayang untuk VBAC?

Nurul Ramly said...

Dear Puan, they gave me choices whether I want to proceed with c-sect or have a natural birth. I opted for the latter and they monitored me closely since then.