Friday, February 15, 2013

Birth story.

29 Jan 2013
I went to work as usual although I was dilating. My sister didnt allowed me to work but I NEED TO ATTEND A BAREFOOT LEADERSHIP CIRCLE 2.0's first meeting. I have to complete 25 sessions to be part of BLC 2.0. I went home and strongly feel that I have to clean the baby cot (this entry). 

30 Jan 2013
I was not feeling well. Went to see my doctor. She gave me an MC for two days. I started to develop a fever. It getting worse in the evening. My husband send the kids to my mum's so he can take a good care of me.

31 Jan 2013
I tried my best to go to work because I have to attend the 2nd Dale Carnegie Training session. I need to complete 4 sessions to be able to graduate from the training. But I cant get up at all.

Last breakfast before giving birth (this entry)
Last lunch before giving birth (this entry)

8.00pm - My mum called to check on me - she asked me to go to the hospital since my fever is getting worse.

9.00pm - Went to my mum's to check on the kids. Took some BP reading to rule out high blood pressure. I had a really terrible headache the whole day. My doctor sister asked my husband to bring me to the hospital ASAP. She was afraid I had an infection since I had dilated for nearly one week. She told me, if I happened to give birth during the day, please ask for epidural analgesia. I dont know why but when the expert asked you to do certain thing, just do it ;p

11.00pm - Went to Dewan Bersalin. My brother took care of my kids since my parent went to my relative's house nearby to prepare for an akad nikah ceremony tomorrow. My temperature is nearly 40 degrees Celsius. A few doctors came in and checked. I was observed for a few hours and I requested to go home since it was extremely uncomfortable being surrounded by other mommies in labour. 

1 Feb 2013
2.45am - Went back to my mum's. My parent just came back from the akad nikah prep. Clean up and prepare to sleep. I told my husband how I wish to be in labour today.

3.30am - Sudden sharp pain in my tummy. Woke up for 2-3 minutes. Continue to sleep.

4.00am - My water breaking. First experience with the water. With previous births, I only had bloody show. It was sort of leaking water instead of the more dramatic gush a la Hollywood movie.

4.30am - Arrive in Dewan Bersalin, again. Greet by all doctors and nurses because they just sent me home and I came back in less than 2 hours. Observed for a few hours. Temperature still high, between 38 - 39 degree Celsius. Doctor asked me whether I want a VBAC or C-sect. Of course I want a VBAC.

10.00am - To the labour room. Doctor decided for augmented labour or c-sect if the progress is too slow. The moment they put me on oxytocin drip, I know it is going to be an augmented labour. phew.

11.00am - Anaes came for epidural procedure. Unfortunately I didnt feel any difference with the epidural. The contraction is getting intense afterward, thanks to the oxytocin, but with Doa Nabi Yunus, it is Alhamdulillah, bearable. 

1.20pm - Doctor asked me if I am ready to push since I was already too weak. I keep dozing off in between contraction due to the drowsy effect of Piriton I took earlier. At 9cm, I begin to push.

1.41pm - Baby Nazmi was born. Easy one. Alhamdulillah. No episiotomy.


Zoora said...

Welcomeeeeee nazmiiiiiiii

RS said...

OMG.... they let you go home despite having a high grade fever??!! that is scary daring!! Indeed an interesting and eventful birth story.

Anyways, welcome to the world baby boy - Nazmi!!!

garlic & butter said...

Hello Aunty Zoora and RS!!!

RS, they gave me Paracetamol and after my fever went down to 38.2, the doctor asked whether I want to stay at the ward or go home. Of course I want to go home :)