Saturday, January 4, 2014

Serigala Besar & Jahat 2013

We went there at 1.30am. The kids were so excited traveling in the middle of the night to the Big Bad Wolf. I met my best friend, Nur Azah who was my roommate in IIUM for a few years, my partner in silat since matriculation until the final year and my trusted teammate in IIUM archery team. Yes, our world revolves around each other for six years.

Since my sons keep having a trip to the restroom and I have to spend a lot of time waiting at the kid's section outside the restroom, so half of the book bought this year are theirs. I was too tired halfway. My husband done with his books in 45 minutes and the bag was full with the kids' books, so I just made a few quick rounds for MY BOOKS pulak. I manage to get only 8 books this year.
Nazreen helped me to pull the trolley bag. He made a few stops to read some books.
We went back at 4.30am and we went to work a few hours after that.

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