Thursday, January 30, 2014


It has been a while. I know.
I just completed my roadshows all over Malaysia.
I need to work on 20 pending works on my table, then I am ready to blog. Again.

I know many people wanted to be my follower since I am sponsoring the prizes for organising competition at susunatursioca, so I have added follower widget.

The old version is no longer available so it leave me with only one widget - Google+ follower widget.
I know it is tedious to create a new account, etc, just to be my follower, but, you know what, if it is too difficult, you can just be a regular reader, just like you did all this while.

I dont mind at all.
And yes, you can win the competition eventho you did not follow me.
I can accept technical difficulties as the reason of not following me. Dont worry :)
Have a nice January!

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