Monday, December 22, 2014

MyDesign : Megarafting Kufi - the process

Received a message & invitation to be part of the Gift / Souvenir Committee.
Requested to design some souvenirs.
Agreed to kufi. Hyperventilated on the possible failure - but try to design anyway. They are my sweet and wonderful friends, I just couldnt say no without even trying.

Printed grid paper from the internet.
Made this in two hours. 

Managed to finalise the kufi before going home. Phew! Didnt want to get nightmare at night. But still had a good dream on the possible design layouts and colour scheme - that is a normal dream for designers. lol.

The next day:
Beautify the kufi. Instead of linear, I designed a square one too.

Next next day:
The tumbler supplier emailed the design template.
Came out with one design using red watercolour background. The theme is red-white-black and some was suggesting red. So, instead of plain flat red, I opted for the one with texture and more character.
Posted in the WA group for crit session. They requested for more designs. So I came out with a few. And printed it so they could see the real size.
I will post the final tumbler design. I havent received the tumbler yet.

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