Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nazran fell down : Annular Ligament Tear

One shocking SMS from my dad before I headed to my IELTS' Speaking Test two weeks ago, on Friday. "Nazmi fell down at his school. Then his friend fell down and landed on his arm. Now he couldnt move his arm at all".

I rushed home after the test and bring him to the clinic. He was then referred to the hospital. I went back to my mom's, gather some stuff including Nazran's MyKid and IELTS book (because I have three more tests the next day) and pick up my husband at our house.
We spent the night at the Emergency Room. My husband accompanied Nazran for x-ray. I was studying outside +__+  He had annular ligament tear on his left arm. Alhamdulillah no fracture.
I had sleepless nights until my IELTS test. I fell asleep four times during the test. He cried the whole night. And the day after. And the day after. Luckily my director approved my leave on Monday to take care of Nazran. 

His arm is getting better now although still painful once in a while.

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