Sunday, October 2, 2016

Winter 2016 : Go out, do something different and starts fresh!

That particular week, I felt like not leaving the house on Saturday morning because I have four essays to complete. But I changed my mind. I had a memorable chat with a PhD candidate, Jason, in the previous week while waiting for my sons (and Jason was waiting for his 5 children) at the supplementary school. His advise is kinda stick in my head. He said going out regularly (and not stuck in front of the laptop 247) is the best way to make him write faster. He will recharge by doing something different and start fresh afterward.

So, I followed his advise. I went out to send my kids to the supplementary school, had a good Malaysian breakfast with my husband and other Malaysians from areas around Manchester, chatting, laughing in between and totally forgot about the essays. But, when all ladies heading to their yoga class.... I just cant sit there and doing nothing.
Soon I found myself walking to the library in the next building and start writing my essays! (oh yes I have the laptop with me all the times)

LOL. Well, at least I went out, I did something different in the morning and guess what? The idea was flowing really fast! 

After the school ended, we went to visit my friend Juliana, who just delivered a baby girl earlier that week. Kids were pretty occupied with the toys.

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