Monday, August 5, 2013

One day leave

I took a leave before I flew to Kedah to settle on few things. It involves kids and shopping.

Early in the morning, me and my kids went to my office to pick up Baju Melayu for Nabil and Nazreen which I bought the day before at the Mega Raya Baazar held at my office. We stuck there for a while due to heavy downpour.

Then we went to fabric store to shop for a few fabrics for their pants and curtain. Nazreen and Nazran were so tired that they begged me to break their fast. We have a long day ahead and dealing with their tantrum in the car is the last thing I want to do at that moment. I bought them the Golden Arch's Kids' Meals. 
After that, we shop for bakery supplies. It was quite a challenge to be there with the kids. It was so crowded! They were fighting over who got to push the cart and who should walk at the front. I just pray to Allah to make the whole trip easy. 

After that, we went for a factory clearance sale nearby. My husband asked me to buy a pair of jeans and polo shirt each. That means each one of them should try at least 2-3 pair of jeans and polo shirts to get the right size. The location of kids' jeans section adjacent to the toys section, although intentional, was not helping at all. They kept running to the other section whenever I was not looking.

We ended up with 3 jeans, 3 polo shirts and 3 toys. Luckily baby Nazmi was too small to ask for anything. Well, at least everyone was happy. By the time we complete our shopping there, the car was already full.

I went home and pick up my husband. He just came back from work. We bought my husband's Baju Melayu. Too tired - we went for iftar at my mom's. END OF ONE TIRING DAY.

eh wait. Not yet.
That night, I made my signature chocolate chip cookies for my house, my mom's and my MIL's. 
Nazmi accompanied me until 2am.

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