Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nabil Art Class : Our Home and My Car

Nabil's masterpieces for his art class.

I was hoping to see ordinary square house with triangle or trapezium roof when he started to draw "Our Home". I never expected to see this kind of house with a lot of architectural details and landscaping work (notice the river stone pavement?). He was allowed to use only 3 colours (red, yellow and blue) for this assignment. He mixed yellow and blue to produce green, for the trees. He supposed to colour the whole compound with green (grass), but overwhelmed by the thought of having to colour the same spot twice (blue and yellow), he changed his mind. Instead of grass, the compound is now covered with cement render, easier for the kids to ride a bike outside. 
This is one of my favourite Nabil's watercolour drawings. "My car". He loves red car. 
I am going to frame this. 

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