Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving In : Part 02 - Kid's room, purple or red? BOTH

Nabil wants red for his room wall. Nazreen wants purple. After series of "negotiation", still, they stand firm on their desicions. It is tough dealing with two strong personalities. In the end, we bought both red and purple paint and we let them paint their room on their own.

Since my grandparent's house was constructed in the early 70s, you can see the wall was made of huge cement blocks and the floor is just a plain cement render. The house is very spacious!
Everybody suggested me to plaster the whole room but I choose to keep the existing groovy walls. It gaves the walls so much character!! Some people creates groove as their main design feature (i.e Geneto - a Japanese architect) while some others will buy wall panels just to add a texture onto their boring wall. I believe it is a waste to plaster the beautiful groove and end up with a typical plain straight wall.

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Fizah said...

wow fantastic outcomes kiddos!! hihi..mmg cun batu2 tu..takya plaster..comey dah tu..:)

garlic & butter said...

i know, right?