Monday, March 18, 2013

Family get together

Last weekend we had makan-makan with my family. My brother requested for this makan-makan since he was away for a few weeks - working - and he started to miss our fun family :p

I proposed to have a steamboat and barbeque since I am still in confinement. We have a few grill pans and steamboat cookers so it make cooking easier. Actually, my 44 days confinement ended on Saturday, but I chose 100 days. Enjoy the photos.

Juicy lamb in hickory and pepper marinade, chicken, dory fish and sausages for kids.
Mushrooms for steamboat. The greens are for beef wrapping.
My sister bought my favourite fish. Salmon. I prefer to eat it raw :)
Salmon contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA that is good for the brain. A nursing mom should eat salmon, as the milk will have significant amounts of the Omega 3 and DHA.  


Aida Manap said...

tried eating cook salmon, lots of time. tapi fail la...kehnot go with the taste..tapi paksa arumi makan, boleh tak? heheheheh

Nurul said...

Elok la bagi Arumi makan :)
Nanti Arumi tak habis, mak dia kena habiskan. Tak elok membazir.

mye said...

salmon is the only fish we buy here. serious mak tak reti beli ikan kat pasar noks. reti beli salmon je sbb dia dah pack siap2 kat hypermarket & tulis 'salmon'. haha

garlic & butter said...

your skin must be very the cantik! sedapnya salmon makan dgn bagel...