Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homework : Animals

Another Nabil's homework for the school break. It is for his Science class, a lesson on carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

First, I taught him how to google for images. He has to google 12 types of animal, four for each categories. I reminded him to search for the one with white background - so the final outcome will be uniform. I helped him with drawing a circle around each animals in Photoshop and printed it out.
He planned to paste them on the manila card which he had cut out earlier, but unfortunately the manila card is not hard enough so I told him to paste the whole thing on a thick beige buffalo card. It creates a nice coloured ring around the animal. It looks cute.
He punched the hole, paste the hole reinforcements. I am glad to introduce him new kind of stationeries during the whole process - circle cutter, puncher, hole reinforcements, steel rings, cutting mat and an art scissors which looks like a dissecting scissors but I didnt know its name.

And instead of using a rope to tie the rounds as per instructed in his text book, I gave him steel rings.
How cute is that?


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thank you aunty Mye.