Monday, June 8, 2015

Bean Boozled Challenge

Thank you for my SIL for introducing me to this INTERESTING BEANS and interesting challenge :)
The box contains variety of jelly beans that comes in pair of the same colour but DIFFERENT flavour (you can read it below). i.e one brown jelly bean tastes GOOD, like a chocolate pudding. Another will taste like a canned dog food (and the taste sticks to your mouth a few hours after that - I can confirmed because that was the last flavour I took).
We played in pair and took turn to eat the bean. Me and my husband. My SIL with my brother. Nabil and Haziq. We prepared a plastic bag should anyone of us need to spit it out or throw up (I must say that everybody utilises the plastic bag +_+).

I got  a few good ones - buttered popcorn and tutti frutti BUT I ALSO GOT THE BAD ONES - stinky sock, mouldy cheese, baby wipes and canned dog food. I spitted it out after a few second. THAT TASTE! Euw.

Nabil and Haziq took the same flavour bean - barf - they ran away and puke at the same time. One in the living room and another in the kitchen. It was funny! LOL.

To know what is this challenge is all about, do watch my favourite Bean Boozled Challenge video:
Grab a box now!

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